Trade Processing

  • Trade management
  • Consignment account
  • Currency disposition
  • Delivery transactions
  • Floating transactions
  • Reporting
  • Fund transactions
  • Registered stocks

All Information and Activities for Trade Processing

Trade Processing supports back office processes in realtime for the areas of trade management, consignment account coordination, clearing and settlement as well as floating transactions and reporting.

  • Trade processing for direct transactions
  • Consignment account coordination in dialog
  • Currency disposition with automatic currency exchange supplementation
  • Fully automatic fund processing
  • Subscription processing with input/output interface
  • Securites settlement
  • Processing of CCP transactions (Central Counterparty)
  • International delivery transactions using SWIFT
  • Automatic delivery dunning
  • Fully automatic support of §9 WpHG reports
  • Automatic processing of registered stocks

The currency and securities booking takes place immediately on the customer's side within the framework of the realtime securities settlement.
We offer a continuous generation of customer vouchers which can also be sent via S.W.I.F.T., email and SMS in the future.