Information about Fidelity Information Services GmbH and its products is available to each internet user without them having to log in as a user or having to register as a future 'Fidelity Information Services GmbH' user.

For registration, please use the link "Register" at our homepage and enter your data. When entering your personal information and password please note that the system is case sensitive. After filling in all fields of the application you will receive an email including a registration link you have to confirm. Eventually, we will send you the confirmation for your activation as registered user.

If you are already a registered user at the Fidelity Information Services GmbH internet homepage, you have access to the secured pages of Fidelity Information Services GmbH GmbH after logging in with your personal username and password.

When setting up your password please make sure that it:

  1. has a minimum length of eight characters and
  2. contains characters from three of the following four categories:
    • Latin capital letters (A-Z)
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    • numbers (0-9)
    • non-alphanumeric characters (!\#$%&()*+-./:;<=>?@)

If you have forgotten your password, please use the link "Forgot password" at the homepage.

General Information

The database of this internet presence is constantly being updated. For u0009u0009this reason, this site is designed to be dynamic. Therefore, we ask you to note the following instructions:

  • The site is optimized for Internet Explorer. However, it is also u0009u0009 possible to use other browsers.
  • "Javascript" has to be enabled at your browser.
  • If you work with your personal user identification, the Fidelity u0009u0009 Information Services KORDOBA GmbH homepage pages run with HTTPS protocol. Therefore, it is necessary that the browser is licensed for SSL V2 and V3 (IE under Tools/Internet Options/Advanced). If you are also u0009u0009 using a firewall, you must enable it for HTTPS and enter the port of the HTTPS protocoll at the client.
  • For navigation through the site a complete "session" will be u0009u0009 started after you have logged in with your personal user identification. If you have not used the site for more than 1 hour, the session will be terminated for security reasons. You will be notified accordingly and have to log in again.

Advice on Printing

When you print a page, this will only relate to the middle content section of that page. The navigation and service fields on the right side will not be printed.

Download of Files

Two different options for downloads are integrated: download with or without password.

Download Without Password

After calling up the detailed page you can choose to open or save the file (e.g.

Download With Password

It is also possible to download files as described above using a password.

After the download has been completed, please press the button "confirm". You will receive an email including the password for opening the file by return.