Securities Account Management

  • Custody account data
  • Stocks
  • Activities
  • Order information
  • Earnings & Tax
  • Funds savings plans
  • Securities account booking

All Information and Activities for the Portfolio

Within the portfolio management, the securities account balance and activity database provides functions for double securities account booking and booking as per the correct value date including suspense securities accounts positions administration.

Personal Securities Account
Comprehensive information is available for your customer consultant:

  • Securities account activity and inventory information (also derivates)
  • Open and completed securities orders
  • Securities account earnings
  • Disposition instructions from the customer
  • Purchase prices and profits & losses
  • Maintenance of funds savings plans

Bookings and Carryovers
The processing of recognitions, derecognitions, transfers and carryovers is carried out in dialog and booked in realtime after approval. Security account entries to customer security accounts are booked automatically using name matching. External security account carryovers from complete or partial inventories can be processed using the S.W.I.F.T. network.

Information and Analyses
You can analyze current and historical inventories and activities from an impersonal securities account. Several analyses tools such as securities account statement or data for earnings statement and annual certificate are available.