Order Management

  • Order validation
  • Order book
  • Bulk cancellation
  • Trader information
  • Mailbox & routing
  • Stock market information
  • Links to stock market

All Information and Activities on Order Processing

The order management system  with a complete XONTRO and XETRA functionality supports you in all necessary processes- for retail banking as well as "private banking".

From order investment to trade management to clearing and settlement, all processes run fully automatically. This allows for a cost-efficient processing of large transaction volumes.

  • Order validation in dialog and batch
  • Automatic order validation from funds, savings and payment plans
  • Detailed information concerning order book and workflow
  • Bulk cancellationas are possible
  • Cash management and shares settlement of the open orders and securities account bookings
  • Automatic routing of orders to XONTRO and XETRA
    - Trader information about securities orders
    - Realtime processing of completed transactions