Your Benefits

  • Communication platform for supporting the dialog with customers
  • Support of all HBCI-Clients
  • Scalability (horizontal and vertical)
  • Network- and protocol-independent of the booking system
  • Modern, ergonomic user interface for the end-users on the Internet


With its sales channel server FIS KORDOBA provides all necessary data relevant for home banking and e-banking. K-ebanking is the ideal platform for the support of all transactions defined in FinTS and HBCI for electronic banking business.

The K-ebanking-server is a flexible interface between a host- respectively a settlement-system of a retail bank on one side and an end-user system on the other side. It offers a consistent and easily extendable interface between several platform independent end-user applications and the settlement system. This works with different transfer-(HBCI, HTTP) and connection-protocols (TCP/IP, etc.). The K-ebanking-server releases the settlement system by taking over of general basic functions and tasks (such as authentication oft clients, plausibility check, i e.).

Furthermore, state-of-the-art web interfaces for end-users and for administrators of the bank are available. The innovative technology of K-ebanking opens up further possibilities for banks to win new customers and secure customers' loyality. This is especially due to the high maintenance and support friendliness of the product. K-ebanking is ready for the future, also with regard to protection against Trojans.

Solution Overview