Prepaid Cards

Your Advantages

  • Fast implementation of new products
  • Easy-to-use "service view" user-interface
  • Regularly updated compliance requirements
  • Modular options that meet your needs
  • Flexible billing - adapting to your business model
  • Continuous optimization of the existing solution beyond the statutory requirements
  • Risk- and fraud detection and control
  • Strong local and global support

Cortex - The Solution for Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are used on a prepaid basis only. With this card, people can use services or make purchases that require a credit card payment - this is beneficial for example for teenagers who would like to shop online without having a credit-card for reasons of age or creditworthiness, or for people who want to pay securely in the internet. With prepaid cards all expenses can be controlled actively; therefore the risk of overindebtedness is eliminated.

The list of application possibilities for prepaid cards is permanently growing. They can be used as a voucher card for certain occasions, as a travel card for cost control during holidays, or for shopping in the internet, to name but a few. In Germany the market for prepaid cards is sky-rocketing. Be a part of the solution and take advantage of the potential you are offered.
Cortex is a fully comprehensive card management system, which was made to meet the special requirements for the issuance of prepaid cards. It offers a large number of functionalities for card issuing and merchant acquiring and uses web services for integrating third party systems (e.g. back-office systems).
Cortex has been programmed for your specific requirements. Its flexible and modular design is based on state-of-the-art architecture and technology to make sure that the necessary performance is provided.

Card Management

The card management module allows you to quickly design new prepaid card products and place these on the market, thus achieving advantages over your competitors. With Cortex you can manage the complete life cycle of a prepaid card: from the ordering, to the issuing and activation, up to the termination of the card.
FIS KORDOBA has committed itself to apply all standards, such as PA-DSS (global security standard) and EMV to realize compliance requirements and therefore to uncover fraud. With Cortex as the centerpiece for the issuance of prepaid cards you can be sure that you use a flexible and scalable card management solution which supports you with the expansion of your credit card portfolio.
Card Architecture Cortex


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