Credit Cards

Your Advantages

  • Fast implementation of new products
  • Easy-to-use "service view" user-interface
  • Regularly updated compliance requirements
  • Modular options that meet your needs
  • Flexible billing - adapting to your business model
  • Continuous optimization of the existing solution beyond the statutory requirements
  • Risk and fraud detection and control
  • Strong local and global support

Base2000 - Our Solution for Credit Cards

Base2000 is the FIS KORDOBA card solution for the issuance of all kinds of credit cards. The card management system is already used successfully in many countries around the world (including USA, England, Holland, Canada, etc.). The result is a state-of-the-art platform which includes all the functionalities you need to set up a successful card program and to design new products that may represent a real innovation for the German market. From pure transaction authorization to the creation of bank statements to the issuance of credit cards and to the customer service: All functions are included so that you can place your credit card product quickly and successfully.

Base2000 is a parameter-driven system. That means new products can be developed quickly and inexpensively without carrying out time-consuming programming in the software. Globalization means the expansion of customer relationships beyond the traditional boundaries. It is essential that a transaction processing system meets these requirements and helps you to support your global business. Base2000 provides you with the full support on a multi-language and a multi-currency-platform.

Transaction-based pricing
All prices and payment options can be calculated on the basis of the amount of transactions. All changes can be reported directly to the customers via messages or bank statements.

Loyalty programme
Base2000 provides a fully integrated bonus points management system; which means for you that transactions of your customers can be rewarded directly. If you want to run your own loyalty program, you can benefit from the various interfaces to bonus point systems which are already implemented today.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Base2000 delivers an exceptionally user-friendly navigation interface. It helps you significantly to reduce personnel expenses for training and induction of new employees.

Card Architecture Base2000


FIS KORDOBA products are platform-independent and flexible.
They optimize your IT landscape safely and reliably.