Proprietary Portfolio

Proprietary Portfolio

  • Valuation
  • Accounting
  • Prepaid Expenses/
  • Promissary Note
  • Interfaces for Reporting and Controlling
  • Assets Analysis

All Information and Actions About Proprietary Portfolios

The proprietary portfolio administration serves for the administration and analysis of bank-own securities transactions and inventories for accounting, controlling and reporting.

All transactions are processed, including securities account bookings such as splits or scrip issue.

Valuation According to the German Commercial Code and IAS
The portfolios are valuated according to HGB and IAS, whereby trading profits and losses, pro rata share of currency profits and losses, interest results and interest claims, cost value, market value and stated value as well as undisclosed reserves, deductions and nominal interest, carrying amount of interest and carrying value interest are determined.

  • Valuation of portfolios according to the German Commercial Code and IAS
  • Automatic booking of profits and losses to the income account
  • Turnover and portfolio journals can be created for any time period
  • Delimitation of interest return
  • Analysis of interest period results
  • Delimitation of agio- / disagio for promissary note loans
  • Delimitation of interest claims for promissary note loans
  • Creation of interest portfolios
  • Interface for bank controlling

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