Our Solution

  • Timely covering of FATCA regulations
  • Flexible: quick-response implementation of FATCA modifications
  • Slim, sustainable design
  • Thorough technical implementation
  • Secure, fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Sustainable: applicable for compliance beyond FATCA
  • Extendable: added value by making it a BI solution

Safely Mastering FATCA – Setting the Course for the Future

Although the final configuration of FATCA has not been set yet, we recommend to take the first steps for the implementation of FATCA and to begin with the most important issues - the identification and classification of US clients according to the FATCA regulations.

We developed a sustainable and flexible solution which helps you to carry out the implementation of FATCA on time, cost-efficiently and successfully. The solution’s influence on operative processes is as low as possible; at the same time, it can be adjusted rapidly to changing regulations and creates added value in the long-term, even after the implementation time of FATCA. Thanks to an intelligent process and data management, banks are well prepared for future compliance tightening and can develop business models in a dynamic way and on a valid information base.

Our solution provides added value using three basic principles:

  • Best Practice: Minimizing the costs and risks of the implementation.
    We have been concerned with compliance for three decades. In terms of FATCA, banks can rely on our experience with the flat rate withholding tax, which was likewise controversial, and with international regulations (EU Savings Directive). Financial institutes benefit from our expertise gained in a number of successfully finished compliance projects when it comes to the implementation in line with FATCA.
  • Sense of Portion: A thorough technical implementation.
    Today, FATCA has top priority for banks. However, the importance of American clients for the business has to be assessed correctly. The expenditure for the implementation should be in conformity with weighting of FATCA and should affect the budget for modernization as little as possible. Thus, with our solution, we only provide for essential adjustments directly in the core banking system and use the modern capabilities beyond the operative system.
  • Sustainability: Using new technologies with an eye on the future.
    Our solution for instance integrates data pooling which was already introduced for the classification of US clients. If FATCA motivates banks to a data pool implementation, we can extent the solution anytime to make it a strategic business intelligence solution.

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