Basic System

Your Advantages

  • Simple and fast migration
  • Efficient transaction management in real time
  • Fast reaction to market changes
  • Individual configuration of the product offer
  • Uniform system also suitable for branches abroad
  • Investment protection and reduction of operating costs
  • Less capital commitment through variability of hardware and software implementation

KORDOBA Core24 Basic System

Our basic system which includes the modules Basic System and Personal Data guarantees smooth coordination of the single KORDOBA products and makes cross services available.

  • Using links, bank-specific objects such as customer - account are connected
  • Flexible authorization models and role models
  • Revision-secure journals:
    The system documents all processes with date, time and username / account manager's name
  • Requirements from money laundering regulations
  • Administration of zip codes
  • Account number administration including account number validity check


FIS KORDOBA products are platform-independent and flexible.
They optimize your IT landscape safely and reliably.