Reporting for All Banking Transactions

Reporting for all Banking Transactions

FIS KORDOBA integrates the products ABACUS/DaVinci and BAIS by default. In this way the customer can choose one of the market leaders in Germany.

All necessary data for securities, portfolios, accounts and transactions are made available for the reporting processing through an automated data supply. Thanks to the established testing procedures of the data supply in connection with a high product quality of the reporting preprocessing we can offer you maximum quality of each reporting.

Within the reporting preprocessing, compensations, syndicate transactions, currency translations and the creation of cash flows, among other things, are realized. The preprocessed portfolios and accounts are delivered by default to the products ABACUS/DaVinci and BAIS.

  • All securities, portfolios, accounts and transactions are processed uniformly and reported by default
  • Legal changes are implemented quickly and centrally
  • Standard defaults can be adapted for the individual customer in a quick, cost-efficient and effective way


FIS KORDOBA products are platform-independent and flexible.
They optimize your IT landscape safely and reliably.