Test Simulator

Your Advantages

  • Flexible test environment
  • Record of test procedure
  • Comprehensive regression tests
  • Messages and PIN security with test keys
  • Simulation of the SecurityServer function

Quality Through a Comfortable Testing System

The testing application GATE/SIM is suitable for the simulation and testing of the transfer of messages between single authorization locations and also between the central self-service system and a self-service terminal.

Interactive Testing

The simulator GATE/SIM makes an interactive test operation within a specific test environment possible. Different self-service-operated systems and authorization systems as well as client applications and server applicationscan be simulated. The basis of these tests are test messages with different characteristics, within the framework of current regulations and definitions of the self-service/authorization systems.

Regression Test

Using the simulator GATE/SIM, comprehensive regression tests can be performed. These tests can be recorded in session files and used for regression tests. Load tests are also possible using these data.

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