eJournal and Monitoring

Your Advantages

  • Central and decentral monitoring
  • Monitoring and controlling of all terminals
  • Display of operational status
  • Current bill inventories
  • Direct access inquiries
  • Processing of complaints
  • Electronic terminal journals
  • Archive interface

Electronic Journal and Monitoring

We offer comprehensive functions for the monitoring and controlling of all K-GATE systems with a comfortable interface - either on Windows or browser-based.


The electronic journal provides logging data from the K-GATE systems and the connected terminals. Using comfortable search functions it is possible to make direct access inquiries and process complaints. After a definable period of time, for example 90 days, the data can be taken over by an archiving system.


Monitoring offers all functions for the Controlling and Monitoring of the terminals, the network and the application. Single functions can also be outsourced through an authority system - for example for a cash-in-transit company or a help desk.

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FIS KORDOBA products are platform-independent and flexible.
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