Your Advantages

  • Access to different accounting systems
  • Twenty-four-serven customer service
  • High scalability
  • Comprehensive inquiry possibilities
  • Highest security
  • Cost reduction through self-authorization
  • Fast realization of legal requirements

Comprehensive Authorization

GATE/AS offers complete service for authorization such as PIN, Blacklist and Limit testing.
Transactions can be processed using the customers' own systems or external network operation systems.

Self-Service Operations Completely Independent

With GATE/AS it is possible to procces the self-service operations for the bank's customers completely independently. All authorization-relevant tasks such as limit administration and blacklist checks are processed in the bank's own system. The online authorization is usually carried out on the account . If needed, a substitute authorization can be undertaken in GATE/AS on the basis of the shadow inventory.

The usage of the ISO8583 protocol for the notification requires cryptographic functions. It is executed using a separate security server (securtiy sever from Siemens or a third party).

Different Core Banking Systems

Access to different core banking systems is realized easily and quickly in GATE/AS. In addition to the standard interface to the core banking system KORDOBA CORE24 and the SAP AM, which is subject to license, connections to other accounting and disposition systems have already been established for various projects.

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FIS KORDOBA products are platform-independent and flexible.
They optimize your IT landscape safely and reliably.